Roel de Cock's homepage features a photo gallery of Marstrands Have

Roel de Cock's hjemmeside rummer et billedgalleri af Marstrands Have

Marstrands Have link and gallery page (in highlight gallery Roel de Cock's holiday pages. pictures of Roel in his natural environment

Den, som ikke lever nu
Lever aldrig -
hvad gør du?

Welcome to Roel's homepage

Look, they killed the site! I'm in the lazy process of starting to use a (Wordpress) blog in lieu of this stone-aged site. Meaning the following gets more and more void as I progress in adding unuseful entries to my blog here. To help you add injury to my insults, you can even post comments.
Hej med dig, Hoi pipeloi! This is a real, old-fashioned, always-out-of-date homepage in the good tradition of when the Web was still young. It's not a blog, nor a portal, and you won't even find a forum or a feedback form here. Better yet, since there's no forum, nobody can annoy you by assigning scores to your random reactions! Doesn't that feel comfortable?
Where? Roel tends to hang out in several places including, but not restricted to, pinty pubs, muddy meadows, soaring skies and wildish water. When he's done alliterating he sometimes updates his holiday pages.
Where II I've bought a share in what the Danes call an andelsbolig (in English 'owner-partnership flat' or so). The project used to be called Marstrands Have until the Marstrand family decided to sue; we're Emaljehaven now, which seduces to be translated to Email Haven. The building is as good as ready now. Here's a page with links, pictures etc. (in Danish), or you can go to the highlight gallery directly. (latest update 6 December 2006)
Programming stuff There's an extremely outdated and uninspiring programming and software installation page, in the unlikely event you're interested.
Who again?

Roel (pictures), by the Danish authorities familiarly addressed as Roeland Maria, works at the Center for Knowledge Technology, which is part of the Technical Knowledge Center DTV, which is part of Denmark's Technical University. Are you still there?

Roel landed in Denmark after some 9 years at Tilburg University. He's engaged in programming all sorts of library applications to silence the hunger scientific libraries have for (cheaper) information. Yes, he has an online Curriculum vitae.

He lives in Nørrebro, Copenhagen which is a comfortable 14 km bike tour from Lyngby.

He has no wives, children or dogs.

Freedom, part VI To make it clear where I stand, here are some links to organisations that deserve my sympathy.
FSF Associate Member Amnesty EFF LPF SWpat
Free Software Foundation Amnesty International Electronic Frontier Foundation League for Programming Freedom No Software Patents in EU
roel at Almost certainly updated someday, sometime
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